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2014 Guest Speaker – Zubin Irani

Distributed Development Teams


Keynoting the second day of Project Inception will be Zubin Irani (CEO of cPrime) with the presentation entitled Distributed Development (Agile) Teams.


Zubin Irani (CEO cPrime)

Many organizations confront the daily reality of having to coordinate the work of software developers and testers around the world. Coordination is challenging when people cannot work together directly, and it becomes more challenging when they work in very different time zones. The difficulty of distributed development is even more apparent in Agile processes, which rely on close and frequent communication between Team members. Failure to manage distributed development effectively leads to poor quality, missed deadlines, low morale, and burnout.  Zubin will bring fresh light on strategic and tactical means to address this issue and thus provide value concepts to all the development teams that impact our customers.

About Zubin Irani

Zubin’s education includes a B.S from USC, and a joint Masters’ from Columbia & UC Berkeley. He started his professional career as an Analyst at Deloitte and quickly worked his way up to a Senior Consultant before becoming the youngest Director at DirecTV. After a successful tenure, he moved to the Bay Area to become a co-founder and CEO of cPrime.

cPrime has been ranked Top 50 fastest growing companies in the Bay Area 5 years in a row and is the largest Agile Training company in the United States. cPrime is a full service consultancy focused on Agile Transformation and Project Delivery and has built a successful practice delivering solutions for the biggest names in Silicon Valley and across the country.

Zubin has managed projects and programs with up to 400 members and budgets up to $80 million.  Zubin has taken cPrime from inception to 140+ employees making it the largest agile training company in the United States.  Zubin’s customers include:

  • Telecom & Media: AT&T Wireless, Ericsson & DirecTV
  • Technology: Oracle, SAP, Facebook, & Apple
  • Retail: Macys, Gap & Disney Stores
  • Financial Services: Visa, Wells Fargo, & JP Morgan
  • Gaming: Activision, Sony PlayStation, & Electronic Arts

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