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Project Inception

“What’s the most resilient parasite?


— Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio — Inception 2010)  TRAILER1   TRAILER 2

Agile is about a culture. This culture is centered around value.


Class is very GREEN!

Paper handouts reduced by 99% – bring your tablets!

A Content Management Server will be used on site to facilitate slides for your mobile devices.


Educational Credits

2 Full Days = 16 PDU & up to 15 SEU Credits

Large Class Size!

Class has been given to an event holding over 170 students.

Certification Impact

26% of your PDU count needed (PMP)


Launching Product Roadmaps

Blizzard Entertainment Case Study

It’s Broken

Kanban Cargo Rope Exercise

Scrum Rugby Exercise


Brain Science

Agile process psychology

Marketing 101 (Maloney’s rule)

Additional Topics

Agile Testing Roadmap

Agile Roles – PO, BA, SM, QA, Dev

Agile Artifacts

Scrum Ceremonies

Kanban Board and Reporting

Agile Tools (Rally, V1, Atlassian)

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