There is a difference between a paying customer and a loyal customer.
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Project Inception

Project Inception Sponsor Flyer



We could really use your help.  This event started as a napkin idea of ‘How can I help the unemployed’.  This spawned into 50 seats for the unemployed and an additional 50 – 100 seats for those employed.  100% non-profit!

Many of the sponsors are in fact business competitors. 

We believe in something that makes us partners:

  1. Do not confuse a loyal customer with a paying customer
  2. Do not confuse a loyal employee with a paid employee.
  3. Start with ‘why’, everything else will come naturally.

We need funds for the following expenses:

  1. Audio equipment
  2. Supplies for the workshops
  3. Reprints of the slides for training/taking notes

Every dollar helps, including $100 here, $50 here, $300 here.  Below is the ‘official sponsor flyer’ but don’t let that large title scare you.  We simply want to help the Denver agile community.   The flyer contains information on how you can help simply by sending a check or calling in a credit card to the Project Management Institute.

If you believe in our shared core values, join us.


Money does not go to the speakers or to a profit based business aside from supplies or food. 



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