There is a difference between a paying customer and a loyal customer.
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Project Inception Recruiter Announced

A smaller firm, Kranect, has joined Project Inception.  All unemployed will be going through them for the discount code to apply on the PMI Mile High website.  This is exciting news as Kranect has treated this event with the care you would expect out of a believer.  I can’t tell you how many recruitment firms in Denver approached this like the typical ‘requisition house’ they are stereotyped for.  Many asked questions about ‘how many people are there, who are these people, where do they come from…’ and then silence.  Those questions are important but Krancet approached it a bit different.  They asked those questions at the end but they started off asking about the event itself.  They wanted to know what it was about, the beliefs behind the event and the culture it would encourage in their partners.  It was only then that they jumped on board as it aligned to the same beliefs they have:

  • A paying customer should not be confused with a loyal customer.
  • A paid employee should not be confused with a loyal employee.

These are the beliefs that make good companies, good agile processes, good business partners and good recruiting.  I am very thankful to find Kranect and those that align to our mission with find Kranect to be a valuable asset to their company.  I know I have already reached out to them in my day job to be a bridge to future successes with my company.

Details about the sign up process will be announced though the PMI on Monday.  I will add those details to this site as soon as that information is made public.

Kranect can be reached at


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