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Project Inception

“Project Inception” – A 2 Day Agile Event – AGENDA


Project “Inception”

A 2-day, Agile Culture Adoption – 16 PDUs

Date/Location:  2 Days in the 2nd or 3rd Week of Jan 2013.  Location is in central Denver area (Regis, Denver University possibly).  The date/location is TBD as the universities are on break for Thanksgiving.  Once this is solidified, there will be an update.

LAST UPDATED:  11/22/2012

Theme:  Based on the movie Inception, we will be attempting to place the most powerful thing in the mind, an idea or belief.  This belief is simple, being that ‘agility’ is centralized around asking ‘why’.  This simple belief will spawn into a set of core values that will dominate how we adopt processes and tools but ultimately how we engage our partners and bring about the ‘right’ product faster.

Who is targeted for this class?

This class started with Inception.  It was the belief that if people were trained properly and believed in asking ‘why’, we would accomplish the following:

  • Those unemployed will be more marketable
  • Those actively employed would start to bring about culture change in their companies and to their colleagues.
  • This culture shift would slowly start to impact the agile community.
  • Asking our partners ‘why’ helps us to bring better products, services and business relationships to market.

This class has a reserved amount of seats specifically for the unemployed so that they can partake in this class.  The rest of the seats will be open for all to register and attend this class until we reach capacity.

Agenda for the Class:


  • Start with why
  • How does ‘why’ correlate to the brain?
  • The world is broken, we choose what to fix.
  • Marketing 101, who do we target?
  • Generation-Y holds dominance in the market and in the workforce.
  • Applying Pragmatic Marketing not only to Product Managers but also to the entire organization.


  • Breaking down the roles, the responsibilities and the impacts to each other.
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of Scrum and Kanban (Know the battlefield).
  • Understanding how major agile vendors are all communicating the same thing.
  • Dissecting how a release schedule can impact human behavior.
  • Reviewing ‘points’ vs. hours – “It’s time to change the conversation.”
  • Applying capacity planning to chaos.
  • The ‘snowball effect’ – Generation-Y’s natural instinct to have productive meetings.


  • Testing is no longer 1 word –  Our partners deserve more.
  • Waterfall testing in “Agile Companies”
  • Agile testing in “Agile Companies”


  • It’s Broken Workshop
  • Interview Inception
  • Blizzard Entertainment – A Case Study on 12 million+ LOYAL customers and KEEPING them for a decade

4 Guest Speakers:

An executive ‘C-suite’ minded professional with experience at global companies including Google.  This executive will present a view into how agility can scale on a product level in massive organizations.

A seasoned consultant will provide some ‘war stories’ on how agility can be applied project by project.  This consultant will give you a view of how common sense is not that common from client to client.  She will give you a view into how you start the ‘brainwashing’ of moving from a set plan to asking ‘why’ and tracking ‘value’ concepts.

A keynote speaker at the latest Amazon event will bring you into the land of security.  This speaker has been called to Zappos/Amazon and Playstation Network/Sony to review security breaches that have made the national news.  This speaker provides services in ‘ethical hacking’ to ensure we as consumers are protected from credit fraud, identity theft and from ourselves.

A major force for good, this final speaker will give you an idea of what it means to ‘pass the baton.’  After being trained for days, we may think there is someone else, someone better, and someone that will move us forward.  However, many times it is “just you”.  You have to be the one to move forward and provide coaching to the teams.  This speaker plays a major role in day-to-day coaching for Rally throughout Denver and has provided training at international Agile events.


WHAT is the VALUE?

  • Standard class is normally $1500
  • Unemployed candidates = $25 via “DISCOUNT CODE” from sponsored recruiters.
  • Actively employed professionals = $99
  • 2 Full Days of Agile Culture = 16 hours of instruction.
  • 16 PDUs from the PMI
  • 4 Guest Speakers (Google, Amazon/Sony PSN)
  • 2-4 Hour Workshop of Blizzard Entertainment
  • An Interview Inception Workshop

Do you Believe?

We need some limited help…

Sponsorship Levels

  • Recruitment Firms — $1000 – $1500 – Bring Multiple staff and potentially a client.  Access to ‘discount code’ for unemployed.
  • Hiring Companies — $1500 – Bring HR and Hiring Management and/or team members.  “A 16 Hour Interview.”  Table or ‘covert’ style.  Announcements of hiring.
  • Vendors — $2500 – Table for setup.  Tool or product/service shown on slides.  (Vetting process required.)

The Believers

A few official sponsors and many donations have come in from the following believers. I thank the many believers below whether you gave monetarily or by the ‘Agile Goodies’ you have donated to keep the movement going:






“The Dream is Real”





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