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SPONSOR UPDATE 10/17 — Denver Agile Event 2013!

  Below is an update for sponsors and HR companies about the Denver Agile Event Jan 2013.  This […]

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A Letter for Sponsors

This letter is unfortunately not going to reach you at the personal level that I intend and for […]

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A Holiday Gift for the Unemployed

Hello all. I believe that if we give people the right education and training, that we who realize […]

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Do You Love Making Refurbished Product?

Are you living a life of refurbishment, of hot fixes, of patches, emergency code changes? You aren’t alone! […]

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We Don’t Care About Loyalty — We Do Laws Here

If the title is true, then why are you looking at ‘Agile’?  Laws seldom change and that is […]

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Capacity Planning, “We Don’t Do That Here”…!?!?

How do you run your planning sessions? It is funny how people shy away from capacity planning.  They […]

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Quality Assurance Testing Class

My partnership with Agile Transformation Inc has gone up a notch.  I just got the training information to […]

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It’s Broken Workshop

I have been giving this workshop “It’s Broken” in an effort to draw out the differences in what […]

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Which Manifesto Are You?

Manifesto for Agile Software Development Taken from: We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it […]

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Business Analysts — What do you believe in?

If you don’t know why you do what you do…and customers respond to why you do what you […]

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